Calgon Take Me Away

I always pride myself on being a city girl. Loving the excitement of the fast pace, the brightness of the lights, and the busyness of the people surrounding me. It excites me. So naturally, when I need to take myself to a place of calmness I go to Africa (in my mind of course). I imagine a place that is warm, no hot!!! I imagine a place where animals are moving about slowly. A place where the air is still and quiet.

It is odd to me that this is the type of place I think of given I am not an outdoors kind of person and I am not fond of critters. But that is the beauty of the imagination. I can leave out the creepy crawlies and just enjoy the stillness. How peaceful it is, even if just for a moment.

Where would you imagine going to let your mind relax, even if just for a moment?

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