Why We Write

In my daily life coaching practice, I regularly recommend that my clients write. Sometimes the writing is with a specific purpose and other times it is simply free association of whatever comes to mind. Journaling is an excellent way to release intense emotion in a healthy way and it also provides a tool to help process what is consuming our thoughts. Blogging serves  a similar purpose, the only difference is it is public. So why would I want to publicly display emotions, thoughts, and thought processes? Well, for me it is a way to connect with others with the goal of sharing, supporting, challenging, and encouraging. These are things that motivate us to keep moving forward one day at a time, one choice at a time. In this space I want to celebrate the efforts of the many people I have encountered and offer suggestions for some of the most common issues that have been presented. I also hope to highlight that changes we make no matter how small, to better ourselves. I do recognize expressing your emotions and allowing yourself to be vulnerable can be overwhelming at times and so I want this blog site to be a place to slow down, find clarity, and move forward. That is my ultimate goal.

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2 Responses to Why We Write

  1. You echo my thoughts … but with heaps more clarity 🙂 Visited your FB page. many interesting and inspiring thoughts.

  2. Great minds think alike. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

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